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  • Community Events

    Sunday Beach Volleyball Noon - Sunset
    8-31-14 2:30 pm - Unity Church of Hawaii
    Oahu Sand Volleyball

    Let's play Beach Volleyball every Sunday.. Please RSVP if you will be attending so we have an idea of how many people we can plan on. We can setup two nets if necessary.

    8-31-14 2:30 pm - Unity Church of Hawaii
    European Historical Martial Arts - SSG Honolulu

    Sparring now weekly! Mentor-based instruction, which means that you'll have lots of personalized attention.  We have seven combatants fully ready to spar, and a Third Cohort starting. Come join in the fun! We're splitting the daily schedule out...

    Make the Known Unknown!
    8-31-14 2:30 pm - Unity Church of Hawaii
    New Mind, New Reality!

    Nothing is what it seems to be, the truth is beyond what meets the eye. We live a recycled life because we belive that we KNOW - we know what the future will be and we know what the present is - this distorted perspective keeps us stuck in a...