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    Goodbye Monday!
    10-21-14 5:30 pm - Ala Moana Beach Park
    Honolulu Pool Sharks

    Finish Monday off with a stress-relieving session of hitting balls with a stick. Shoot pool for $5 flat rate after 8pm at Hawaiian Brians! Eat good food, drink some beer, and play against other members of our group! Bring a friend! Doubles are...

    Flash Player and AIR 15: Platform and Tooling Updates
    10-21-14 5:30 pm - Ala Moana Beach Park
    Hawaii Flash

    This meeting will take place in Honolulu at 12:00 pm (noon) in Hawaii. The speaker will be joining us from Denver, and the time there will be at 4:00 pm. Please use this link to find your time zone - World Clock. In this session, we will have a...

    Tuesday Ultimate @ Ala Moana
    10-21-14 5:30 pm - Ala Moana Beach Park
    Ultimate Frisbee Oahu!

    ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS Please Bring a white/light shirt and a dark shirt for separating teams and I will bring the field markers and a frisbee. Please remember to bring lots of water, sunscreen, and good shoes....