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  • Community Events

    Hawaii VR Weekly Meetup
    10-24-14 7:00 pm - Honolulu Tavern
    Hawaii Virtual Reality

    Aloha! Hawaii VR will now be meeting in Manoa!

    RSVP To Start Becoming Your Best You!
    10-24-14 7:00 pm - Honolulu Tavern
    Leadership Mastermind Group

    Looking for a Win? From colleagues, to family, to friends, we are constantly interacting with people in our everyday lives. By building strong and healthy relationships, you will discover a productive and fulfilling life.  Join our weekly...

    The Nightmarchers Fundraising Night at Honolulu Tavern!
    10-24-14 7:00 pm - Honolulu Tavern
    The Nightmarchers: Honolulu's Quidditch Team

    Tomorrow is our first fundraising night at Honolulu Tavern from 7-10 pm! Profits from our menu will pay for travel expenses (Snow Cup V, etc.), as well as general operating costs. Join us for a night of delicious food and drinks on Friday night!