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  • Community Events

    Shut up and Write!
    9-18-14 5:30 pm - Ala Moana Beach Park
    Shut Up and Write: Honolulu

    Don't forget your writing materials, your earbuds/plugs, and your gusto. And remember, we're getting together to shut up and write! :)

    Board Games at Armchair Adventurer!
    9-18-14 5:30 pm - Ala Moana Beach Park
    The Oahu Board Gamers

    Armchair Adventurer has recently passed ownership to a good friend of mine and the place looks fantastic! As you may or may not know, I can no longer organize the meetups on Monday nights at the Ward Warehouse conference rooms sponsored by Other...

    Thursday Ultimate @ Ala Moana
    9-18-14 5:30 pm - Ala Moana Beach Park
    Ultimate Frisbee Oahu!

    ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS Please Bring a white/light shirt and a dark shirt for separating teams and I will bring the field markers and a frisbee. Please remember to bring lots of water, sunscreen, and good shoes....