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  • Community Events

    Improv Skills Drop In Class with Think Fast!
    11-26-14 2:00 pm - Honolulu Design Center
    LOL! Comedy, Music, and Fun in Hawaii!

    About the Program Think Fast founding members Larissa Nielsen, David K Jones, and Rory Franzen have been teaching improvisers for over 3 years in Hawaii and offer more than 25 years of combined theater and improvisation performance experience to...

    RSVP to Get Started On Your Success Life Now!
    11-26-14 2:00 pm - Honolulu Design Center

    Looking for a Win? From colleagues, to family, to friends, we are constantly interacting with people in our everyday lives. By building strong and healthy relationships, you will discover a productive and fulfilling life. Join our weekly Winning...

    Let's have a Language Exchange
    11-26-14 2:00 pm - Honolulu Design Center
    Honolulu Language Club

    Let's meet at the Inspiration Cafe in the Honolulu Design Center. It is located at the corner of Kapiolani and Piikoi close to the bus stop. There is plenty of free parking as well. Things to remember: • Ask the speaker to repeat, explain...